The secrets to great fried eggs

When my husband and I first got together, I was a little… nervous about cooking for him. I mean, I had been cooking for a LONG time, and I am a good cook… but when you get into a relationship with a man who loves good food and sings the praises of his mother’s cooking. So, when he asked me to make fried eggs and told me EXACTLY how to cook them how his mom did… I was overcome with nerves. We still laugh at the fact that I went through a whole dozen eggs just to get two perfect eggs for his breakfast- the rest of us munching on the less-than-perfect ones. Over time, I have realized just how silly I was. Eggs are really not that hard once you know what you are doing.

Below, there is a video who shows the best way to cook eggs… the difference being when I make eggs, I use butter. I know- butter bad- olive oil good… but being a true southerner -we use butter in EVERYTHING! It just makes it better!
When I make eggs- I do basically what is done in the video, using a spatula to… flick the hot butter over the eggs. When the top becomes done, I flip it for a few seconds- being careful not to burst the yolk as my hubby likes a runny yolk. But, this technique in the video works as well.

Here, The Moment shares their special fried egg technique, which involves spooning olive oil over the egg to make the white crispy and deliciously browned. (Butter, butter butter… ok, yeah, we are fat- but butter is so darn good!)






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